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Announcing Our New Division

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Bryan Geary
Announcing Our New Division

Turning Industrial Waste Minerals Into Valuable Materials for Ceramic Products

OPF Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new division focused on finding pathways for turning industrial waste streams into valuable materials for ceramic products.  The new division, called IntoCeramics, will capitalize on the principals’ decades of experience analyzing, processing, and formulating ceramic materials.


IntoCeramics will work with mining and mineral operators facing imminent waste challenges – such as running out of space to store unusable material – or excessive disposal and landfill costs, as well as companies seeking to make a positive social and environmental impact by proactively repurposing mineral waste.

Bryan Geary, President of OPF Enterprises, who will head up the IntoCeramics business, commented: “If you’re facing a surplus material challenge, convinced there has to be a way to turn that mineral waste into value, IntoCeramics has the expertise to find a solution. If there’s a commercial opportunity hidden in your waste stream, we’ll help you find it.”

The company has engaged a marketing team to help introduce the new division to executives responsible for operations and plant management at mining and minerals companies, as well as management consultants working on a clients’ behalf to identify process optimization opportunities. The company will also contact ceramic manufacturers who will benefit from the new sources of raw material developed from waste stream minerals, turning them into viable ceramic applications.

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