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There Are Ceramics and then There Are Ceramics

Over the years, I’ve gotten used to the blank stares I get when I tell people I’m a ceramic engineer. “Yes”, I say, “there is a degree for that.” I us...

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From Chasing Ghosts to Operational Transformation

During our professional career, each of us eventually faces a situation to which we don’t have the answer. If you are prone to sitting quietly, acting...

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Failure is an Option - Especially for Startups

In the movie Apollo 13, Ed Harris, playing NASA Flight Director, Gene Kranz, yells out to the control room: “Failure is not an option!” That movie tag...

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Mentoring in the Manufacturing Plant

Mentoring has been around forever. Before it was called mentoring, it was known as apprenticeship — the training novices went through before they coul...

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