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From ”On The Plant Floor” – Building Manufacturing Plant Culture

It’s Probably Not What You Think The seemingly never-ending COVID pandemic coupled with worldwide civil unrest appear to be threatening our norms as n...

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How We Wrote a Book About Leadership in the Manufacturing Factory

Something to Say Shortly after Bryan Geary and I left the corporate world to become entrepreneurs – the fancy term for starting our own company – we d...

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The Rise and Fall of Pozzolans - Learning from Ancient Builders

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, The Life of Reason (1905)

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Making Ceramic Building Products from Clay or Waste - Ya Gotta Go to the Source!

Everyone at IntoCeramics started – and spent – much of our career in the traditional ceramic industry, making building products like ceramic tile, pav...

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CO2 Generation Is Not Just From Burning Fossil Fuels

The IntoCeramics team participated in the IMFORMED Minerals Rendezvous online forum held on April 14th. This post is the second in a series devoted to...

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How Ceramic Processing Can Help Sequester Hazardous Materials

One of the best things about being a ceramic engineer is that we need only a passing knowledge of organic chemistry. And that’s good because organic c...

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From Waste To Valuable Ceramic Product – A Case Study

It’s probably the question we get asked most often when we introduce the concept of turning mineral waste into valuable ceramic products: “Can you giv...

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IntoCeramics Stage Gate Project Methodology

At IntoCeramics, we are admirers of Dr. Bob Cooper and his Stage-Gate® innovation process.

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Concrete Aggregates: Why We Grudgingly Love ASTM C33 and C330

Concrete is something that we take for granted. But, without cement and concrete modern life would not be possible.

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Our New Guide – How To Uncover Value In Your Mineral Waste

The last year has reinforced how fragile human life can be. We pray that the pandemic will soon be controlled, so that people can once again visit fam...

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